Want More Dirty Sex?

The minds of men are frequently occupied with sexual ideas that might repulse the average woman. Don’t assume that your girlfriend doesn’t have a dirty side. One of the advantages of being in a long-term relationship is the opportunity to share your sexual fantasies with each other and try them out. However, it may be a challenge to get your girl to reveal her nasty inner thoughts.

In order to determine if the girl you’re with is open to experimenting with dirty sex, start off by testing the waters with a few questions on the more innocent end of the sexual spectrum. Try: “Have you ever tied anyone up or been tied up?” “Do you own any sex toys?” “What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?” “What is something you’ve always wanted to try?”


These questions should get her to open up and start sharing some intimate details of her sexual personality with you. Then you can lead her down the path to dirtiness and hopefully get her to have dirty sex. If she gets scared off or grossed out by these questions, you have yourself a non-kinky girl — too bad for you.

Still, even the innocent can be corrupted. Here are our suggestions to help you get her to have dirty sex.

Tell her about your fantasies

If you get the feeling that she’ll be receptive to taking a darker turn in your sex life together, take the first step by revealing some of your secret fantasies. Dole out a little at a time and see how she reacts. Hopefully, she’ll share some of her inner thoughts in return; when she does, make sure you show plenty of enthusiasm for her ideas if you want to get her to have dirty sex. An important thing to keep in mind when having this sharing session is to keep it in the realm of fantasy. Don’t start telling her about dirty sex you’ve had in the past with other women or your whole plot will come to a screeching halt.


Make it new for both of you

Approach the dirty experimentation like it’s new for both of you. Think of something you’ve never tried before and suggest that you try it together. If she knows you’re starting out on a level playing field, she’ll be more likely to let her inhibitions go and get wild with you. If you want to get her to have dirty sex with you and you act like you’re an expert in the area, chances are she’s going to freeze up on you instead of enjoying herself.

Play a sex game

So you’re both open to the idea of getting dirtier in bed together. Now, how do you get started? Talking about it is a lot easier than actually introducing the nastiness into your sex life. A sex game might be just the thing to help you get started. Visit a sex shop and check out the card and board games they have for sale. These are usually aimed at couples that want to add some excitement to their love life and they should give you some ideas. Or, use your imagination and make up your own game together at home. The idea is to get both of you to open up and start trying things out. If all else fails, you can always fall back on the old standard of Truth or Dare.

Watch porn or read erotic stories

Get each other in the mood by watching porn stars get it on or by reading some stimulating erotic fiction. Even if she’s not normally into watching porn, when you’re trying to get dirty with each other, she may be open to incorporating a video or two. Erotic writing of a less-than-professional caliber can be found all over the internet, but there are also quality sexy stories available from people with actual skill. Take a trip to the bookstore together and pick out something that looks promising.



You are probably going to have to be the one to make the first move if you want to get a little nastier in the bedroom. Even if you’ve piqued her interest, she’s still not likely to start things off herself. Start talking dirty, set the mood and hopefully she’ll follow your lead.

she may surprise you

For most women, revealing their private, filthy thoughts may be difficult, let alone actually acting on them with you. Once you get her comfortable talking about it, disclose some of your own secrets ideas, gather some inspiration and try new things. You may be surprised to find out that your girl is more of a freak in bed than you would’ve guessed.

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Naked Therapy – Why Not?

There’s something about a naked woman that can make a man do strange things.

Like discuss his feelings.

That’s the theory, at least, behind “naked therapy,” a new psychoanalytic tool not approved by any professional mental health association, but practiced right now by a 24-year-old New York City woman named Sarah White.

“The goal is to show patients I have nothing to hide, and to encourage them to be more honest,” explains White.

“For men in particular, seeing a naked woman can really help them focus, look deeply into themselves and speak their minds openly.”

Sessions begin with White fully clothed. As the hour proceeds, she asks if the patient (who are, unsurprisingly, mostly male) minds if she removes her shirt.

Then her skirt. Then her bra and underwear. The patient rarely minds.

One-hour sessions cost $150, and at first are conducted over webcam. Once a level of trust has been established, patients can book in-person sessions, though the price increases fivefold.

The decision to keep one’s own clothes on is entirely up to the patient.

For my own naked therapy session, I opted to stay dressed throughout our discussion about my pesky (and life-threatening) problem of nicotine addiction.

As the naked therapist’s clothes came off, I found myself “more concentrated, insightful, thoughtful and excited about exploring [my] life and making positive changes.” Just as White predicted on sarahwhitelive.com.

I actually got downright effusive about my struggle with the smokes, as though I wanted to prove that I could analyze a complicated subject from every angle.

I was trying to impress her.

White hasn’t exactly been embraced by the mainstream of psychotherapy. But she has begun work on a Ph.D. dissertation about naked therapy.

Any sexual interaction between patient and therapist is considered highly unethical by the American Psychoanalytic Association, the largest and oldest such organization in the nation. Even physical contact violates its code of professional conduct.

But there is no physical contact in naked therapy. And, as White points out,  “It’s not like I’m having relationships with any of my patients.”

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Men More Apt To Forgive Lesbian Affair

Men are more forgiving to a girlfriend who has cheated with a woman, but women
are more forgiving to a cheating man with another woman, U.S. researchers say.

Lead author Jaime C. Confer, a doctoral candidate in evolutionary psychology
at the University of Texas at Austin, and her father, Mark D. Cloud, a
psychology professor at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, asked 700 college
students to imagine they were in a committed romantic and sexual relationship
with someone they’ve been dating for three months.


The study subjects were questioned on how they would respond to infidelity
committed by the imagined partner — some unfaithful with a man, others with a


Regardless of the number of episodes or partners, the researchers found:


— Overall, men demonstrated a 50 percent likelihood of continuing to date a
partner who has had a homosexual affair, while 22 percent said they stay with a
woman after a heterosexual affair.


— Women demonstrated a 28 percent likelihood of continuing to date a
boyfriend who has had a heterosexual affair, while 21 percent say they would
stay with someone who had a homosexual affair.


The findings, published in the journal Personality and Individual
Differences, suggest men are more distressed by the type of infidelity that
could threaten their paternity of offspring and men may view a partner’s
homosexual affair as an opportunity to mate with more than one woman

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Our Successful Open Marriage

I spent a recent weekend up in Maine with my girlfriend and our three kids. We went on long canoe trips, made mountains of buttery waffles, and read Rainbow Fairy books aloud till the words blurred together on the page. When the kids had gone to bed and the house was quiet, we crawled into bed and had sex so hot I thought the sheets might catch fire.

When I got home, I told my husband all about it.

My marriage is open. It’s also happy and stable. After I shared our mountain adventures, he filled me in on the highlights of his weekend: a small triumph at work, some quality time with his girlfriend, a successful home repair. We curled up at the end of the night, watched some old “Dr. Who” episodes and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

I never thought I’d have anything in common with Newt Gingrich. But if the claims that he once asked his ex-wife, Marianne, for an open marriage are true, then we might be more alike than I thought. Unlike that alleged scenario, however (which began with an affair), my husband’s and my open marriage has been based on openness and honesty from day one.

In fact, I’ve never been in a monogamous relationship. This openness in my romantic life stems in part from feminism and in part from idealism. I’m passionate about owning my own sexuality. I can’t stomach the thought of handing the reins of my sexual life to someone else, even someone I love and trust as much as my husband.

I’m also passionate about sharing. Being open in my marriage comes from the same ideals that make me shop at the food co-op and vote for socialist political candidates. If I were 30 years older, I’d be a veteran of the ’60s free love movement, staging bed-ins with my antiwar buddies. I embraced nonmonogamy, or polyamory as the cool kids like to call it, because I’m good at it. I’m prone to falling for people; my girlfriend likes to say I fall in love with lampposts. I’m good at communication and mediation. I’m bad at rules. Clearly, polyamory was for me.

When I got married and started a family, I just kept doing what I’d always done.

While some people leave polyamory behind with their wild youth, there are large numbers of families that quietly continue to embrace this life while raising kids and growing old together. Some of them form households with several adult “spice” (a humorous plural of spouse). More commonly, they do what I do: live with one spouse, whom they raise kids with, and step out for date nights with other lovers.

We’re largely invisible. When I pick my girlfriend’s daughter up at school, I don’t tell the teachers I’m dating her mom. I just sign the pick-up form and head home.

Nothing in my life is a secret, it’s simply my private business. When it does come up, people tend to be very accepting, but also curious. Don’t you get jealous? What about the kids? How does that even work?

My life sounds complicated, but in many ways it’s routine. The children are the main focus of our attention. My husband and I have three kids. We spend a lot of our time doing the things any parent does: picking the kids up from school, shuttling them to and from activities and birthday parties, cooking them dinner and reading them bedtime stories.

Since we’ve always been poly, I often wonder how monogamous couples do it. I get so much support from my lovers. No one else, not my friends, not my parents, no one, is as willing to deal with the messes and mishaps of parenting as my sweeties. There’s something about romantic intimacy that builds a family-type closeness. These are the people I call when I’m puking my guts out and can’t take care of my kids, the people who call me when their car gets towed and they need a rescue.

Polyamory enthusiasts like to point out that the word means “multiple loves.” They really want to stress the loving commitments people make, the way these networks of relationships support each other. It’s not about the sex, you hear over and over again.

This always makes my girlfriend and me giggle. Here’s a tip: It’s about the sex. If it weren’t, we’d be close friends and I wouldn’t be writing this article. The sex isn’t a bad thing: In fact, sex outside a marriage can be good for you. There’s a pile of scientific evidence showing that a new sex partner is the most surefire cure for sexual dysfunction and low libido, especially for women.

It’s much easier to keep the sparks flying with someone whose laundry you don’t have to fold. Having an outside partner means getting to date endlessly: an endless string of exploring new restaurants, trying new positions, long wandering conversations that don’t involve fights about the cost of day care or nagging reminders to take the trash out.

That’s hot. I get all the excitement of an outside love affair – the wild sex, the sympathetic ear, the chance to fall in love all over again – without the bitterness of betrayal.

This is a blessing and a curse. At its best, it makes everyone’s life better. At its worst, this kind of arrangement can sap energy from a struggling marriage. It’s easier to have fun with a lover than it is with a spouse that you can slip into the habit of playing only outside your marriage. One friend said, after watching his wife tart up to go out with her new boyfriend, “I used to be the lingerie guy. When did I become the pajamas and cornflakes guy?”

It can also be a challenge for the outside relationship. Remember that idyllic weekend my girlfriend and I had? We’ve been dating for three years. Eventually, many people who like each other as much as we do get married. Not us — we’ll be going out to dinner on Tuesday nights until the end of time. That’s a lot of dates. She’ll never be my pajamas and cornflakes buddy.

Now, to the jealousy question: If the thought of your lover being with someone else makes your stomach turn, polyamory probably isn’t for you. Most poly people feel jealous sometimes, but they treat those feelings as a sign of a problem in their own relationship. If I’m jealous because my husband has his girlfriend sleeping over three nights this week, I’m inclined to look at how I’m getting – or not getting – my needs met in my relationship with him. It’s not his sleepovers with her that are the problem, it’s that we haven’t had enough time together lately.

That’s not the case for everyone, though. Some people – maybe most people – really are jealous simply because their honey likes someone else. Their jealousy isn’t an arrow pointing at another problem that can be worked out. It’s a sick feeling in their gut telling them this is not the right relationship to be in. If you feel like that, do yourself a favor and hightail it back to monogamy.

That isn’t the real issue with polyamory, though. I once spoke on a polyamory panel. When an audience member asked what the biggest downside was, all the panelists shouted in unison: “Scheduling!”

That was back in the dark ages, before smartphones and Google calendar. These days, scheduling kinks get ironed out by technology. I can use IM to stay close to all my loves while I’m running through a busy day, hopping from work to school to home. Text messages let us communicate on the run, and online calendars make it much simpler to see when everyone is free.

Then there’s the issue of secrecy: What do you tell the children? What will the neighbors think?

Some of my friends are poly activists. They wear buttons, write magazine columns, march in parades. They want more visibility for our lifestyle so that, like our queer allies, we can be less closeted about who we are. Me, I’m content to keep a fairly low profile. Nothing in my life is a secret, but I don’t usually advertise the details to strangers.

To my kids, this is all normal. I’ve never had a big sit-down talk about how Mommy and Daddy’s marriage is different. They were born into this. We’re a big messy family. The kids know I go on grown-up sleepovers sometimes, and take it for granted.

Because we live in a major urban center with a large poly community, we’re able to hang out with other poly families a lot of the time. That helps provide community support for the adults, as well as making it seem more normal for the kids. I can go to a BBQ with my husband and our kids, spend half the time holding hands and chatting with my girlfriend, and no one will bat an eye.

Polyamory is not for everyone. Many people, probably even most people, prefer the simplicity of a monogamous marriage.

But a lot of people want something else. About half of married people will cheat during their lives. Another substantial minority – anywhere from 1 percent to 10 percent, depending on which expert you ask – are having intentionally open relationships. It takes a lot of emotional energy, and an ongoing commitment to complexity, to make those relationships work. But I wouldn’t do it any other way.


Sierra Black lives in the Boston area with her family. She is a frequent contributor to Babble, and blogs about her family life at Childwild. She and her husband will celebrate their 10th anniversary together this year.   More Sierra Black
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The Man’s Top Sexual Conquests

In most any discipline, track records dictate a person’s overall level of success. And when I look back at a career of memorable conquests, humiliating rejections (any secure, mature Player will admit to these) and countless experiences, I try to focus on the positives. I try to look back on my best moments with a wistful grin and a tingling of the spine. Though one must always attempt to reach higher and strive for even more fulfilling accomplishments, this list will be tough to beat. Ranging from the surprisingly unforgettable to the torrid, mind-blowing encounters that brand you forever, this list of Top 5 Conquests is indeed enviable. And if you wish to make similar conquests, read up on how to score some of the most difficult  yet most fulfilling targets.

The Moody Woman

The Conquered
After watching her for several weekends at one of the less-frequented cafés in the downtown area, I settled on her type: It was the don’t-anybody-talk-to-me type. Jet black hair, a slim, taut frame, piercing green eyes, and a peculiar look etched in her sharp, boldly attractive features. That look would be intimidating to anyone, even the Player. The challenge would lie in breaking through that barrier. She was a living, breathing minefield. I had to tread carefully.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
If you ever come across women like this, quickly become the most patient, sensitive human alive. She might be lonely and the aforementioned wall is keeping her from experiencing life to the fullest, so you should subtly take this angle. It’s not a bad idea to use a mirroring technique as well: She isn’t likely to respond to a familiar, easy grin and a forward style. Even risk appearing a little shy, as it might show her that such an off-putting personality is a little uncomfortable. Girls don’t like to be off-putting, regardless of their type, and this particular girl will likely become a tigress if you can expose her soft core. I managed to do just that, and “satisfying” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

download (1)

The Gold digger

The Conquered
Oh, we all know the type in question. “No Ferrari? Why are you still talking to me?” You will usually find these girls on the West Coast, and when I spotted one such platinum blonde gold digger at a club in L.A. a few months ago, it wasn’t hard to peg her as one of the “unapproachables.” I do well for myself, but my rented car wouldn’t suffice and neither would the rest of my bank account. The problem with these girls is obvious: They’ve made money the acme of a happy existence, and unless they have the jewelry and the pool, they feel incomplete. The guy has become secondary — merely a means to an end. Hence, it’s tough to overcome with attraction skills alone.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
There’s good news for all you pick-up artists out there who aren’t seeking anything permanent. Those looking for commitments need to view the gold digger as an unattainable trophy wife — one who won’t accept any ring on her finger that can’t choke a lion. But, hey, you know what? When such a possibility is null and void, the woman lurking beneath the money-seeking party girl makes an appearance, and she doesn’t want the saggy, shapeless rich guy for only one night. She wants the guy who can make her squeal for hours on end. Just make this plain right up front, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly she might respond.


The older woman

The Conquered
There are seemingly ageless women out there who can compete with ladies half their age. I remember one in particular: A 32-year-old bombshell that became the center of attention at a club. See, I was only 23 at the time — a mere Player in training — and the intimidation factor was high. The reason why older women can prove challenging is simply because of their experience, maturity and self-confidence. They also tend to believe younger guys don’t deserve their attention, simply because they don’t have much on the ball. The one I’m speaking of dismissed most every 20-something around her with that “you can’t handle me” demeanor. It’s not an easy approach.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
There’s only one thing you need to battle the age gap: Confidence with a capital “C.” It’s the one trait mature ladies will almost always respond to, provided you don’t trip over the fine line into cockiness. Cockiness is a huge turnoff for most women over the age of 30, but if you can master a simple confidence that conveys the correct message, some of the best sex in history is nigh. It will take some time, though, so prepare for a marathon rather than a sprint. The older woman requires more proof of a man’s quality and you just can’t rush that decision. Keep at her throughout the night and keep maintaining that outward calm but clear interest and indicate you’ve bagged your fair share of such quality.

download (2)

The Shy Girl

The Conquered
Although it isn’t normal for the hottest chick in a group to be the shyest and most soft-spoken, that situation does occur. The problem is that you never find such girls alone, and their friends are extra protective due to their vulnerability. That gaggle of hens can give you fits; they can erect an impassable wall between you and your luscious target, and you will never pass with posturing, cockiness or any other standard pick-up tricks. In fact, such behavior will only cause those hens to clamp down tighter, and their beautiful shy friend won’t even get a chance to see your face. But when I saw her daintily sipping her drink in the middle of her friends, I just knew I needed her.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
First step: Deal with those friends. They can’t be bypassed, so just accept it. Don’t make any overt moves in the direction of their adopted daughter; embrace the whole group, and prove you’re a decent human being. Let them see you harbor no ill intentions and would never dream of infringing upon her precious purity. You’re not “that guy.” You’re interested in getting to know the shy girl, of course, but you respect the protection and are willing to take the necessary steps to gain entrance. Then, once you’re in, just be careful and err on the side of friendship at first. A bit of gentle prodding, and you might just unleash the wild woman within.

Speaking of the aforementioned “conquered,” I’ve seen her recently with that same group of friends. She has moved up in the ranks and is far more receptive and open. Guess I did that.

it takes technique

It’s always sweeter when you have to work for it. Some girls are easily taken and easily discarded, but in truth, they don’t mean very much. They’ve never meant much to the Player, which is why he always embraces significant challenges. He does this because he knows the payoff will be a great deal more satisfying, so don’t shy away from the types of women you see here. They’re gettable, I promise. Happy Hunting.


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Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know that the clitoris is the only bodily organ that exists solely for sexual pleasure? And blue balls isn’t just a term made up by horny (and disgruntled) teenage boys? It’s actually a real problem!Scared Sh*tless: 1,003 Facts That Will Scare The Sh*t Out of You, by comedy writer Cary McNeal, hits the stands today—and, suffice to say, reading parts of it may have sent my PBMAS into overdrive.


The book is marketed as a bathroom reader (note the toilet brush and toilet paper on the cover), and truthfully, I’m not one to be drawn to something like this on my own. However, it’s totally the perfect book to pick up between commercial breaks to read your guy—or whenever you need a few morsels of entertainment. Here are some of the biggest jaw-droppers related to Smitten’s favorite subject: sex!

images (1)

The book is marketed as a bathroom reader (note the toilet brush and toilet paper on the cover), and truthfully, I’m not one to be drawn to something like this on my own. However, it’s totally the perfect book to pick up between commercial breaks to read your guy—or whenever you need a few morsels of entertainment. Here are some of the biggest jaw-droppers related to Smitten’s favorite subject: sex!

 Fact: The world’s largest recorded penis belongs to 41-year-old New Yorker Jonah Falcon, whose appendage measures 9.5 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches erect.Fact: The impulse to ejaculate comes from the spinal cord; no brain is needed.

Fact: The average male orgasm lasts six seconds; the average female orgasm lasts twenty seconds.

Fact: The left testicle usually hangs lower than the right for right-handed men. The opposite is true for lefties.

Fact: One out of every six Americans aged 14 to 49 has a genital herpes HSV-2 infection.

Fact: After fingers and vibrators, candles are the phallic objects used most often by female masturbators. Unlit ones, hopefully.

Fact: The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation. If that happens, you’re doing it wrong.

Fact: When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

Fact: The average vagina is three to four inches long but can expand by 200 percent when sexually aroused. It’s an optimistic organ.

Fact: Despite what men claim, only 15 percent have a penis longer than seven inches. Only 3 percent have a penis more than eight inches long.

Fact: Orgasms can lower a woman’s risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and depression.

Are you shocked by any of the above? Which ones surprise you the most? Do you think this book is up your alley? 

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Savanna Samson: Confessions of a Porn Star-Turned-Mom

Natalie Oliveros is a New York City working mom devoted to her young son. She cooks breakfast for 10-year-old Luchino, takes him to school every morning and even cuts his hair.

“My life means nothing without, without him,” Oliveros, 44, told “20/20” co-anchor Chris Cuomo. She added that she believed that “everything that I’ve done in my life, all the choices I’ve made, will one day benefit him instead of being a shameful thing for him.”

What could young Luchino possibly find shameful? Meet Savanna Samson, Oliveros’ alter ego. Samson is an adult film star — and a very successful one at that. Her Adult Video News awards for group sex and best all-girl sex stand prominently displayed in her home.

“I’m a porn star, yes … and I don’t mind that title. … It’s given me a life of luxury and success,” she said. “I was, you know, born to do this.

“I’m just an entertainer, and this is how I choose to entertain,” she said. “And, morally speaking, that’s what’s confusing about me, is that I do have morals. And yet, it’s contradictory, I guess, by the industry I’m in.”

Oliveros came to New York City from upstate New York at the age of 17 intending to pursue ballet. She did end up dancing professionally, but not in ballet slippers: She worked at the famous strip club, Scores.

She met her future husband — Luchino’s father, from whom she’s now legally separated — at the club. It was he, Oliveros said, who suggested she try doing a pornography film as a wedding gift to him.

PHOTO: Savanna Samson
Marc Stamas/Getty Images
Adult Film Star Savanna Samson promotes “The… View Full Size
True Confessions: Savanna Samson Watch Video
Adult Film Star Is ‘Close to God’Watch Video

Oliveros said that she was both appalled and intrigued by the idea.

“I figured, I can make this one and only movie, and no one will ever hear about it,” she said.

But once in front of the camera, Oliveros said, she caught “porn fever.”

“I [had] the bug, you know, can’t wait to do it again,” she said.

Over the last decade, she’s starred in more than 80 films. But there is the uncomfortable potential of her job interfering with her parenting. She worries about what Luchino may find about her online.

“I’ve been trying to knock down all the smut and all the nudity when you Google me that comes up. It’s not just about me but it’s about Luchino and his friends,” she said. “I still would be devastated if he saw this stuff on the Internet.”

She said she wouldn’t want him to pursue a career in pornography; the business, she said, is tough on men.

Recently, Oliveros has tried to talk to Luchino about her profession, but the boy — perhaps knowing more than he lets on — has stopped the conversation in its tracks.

“I love you a ton!” he declared when Oliveros tried raising the subject in front of “20/20’s” cameras.

Oliveros doesn’t plan to be a porn star forever.

“I have to go forth as a business woman and not use my body to get what I want,” she said.

“That’s always a challenge for me,” she added, laughing.

Several years ago, Oliveros partnered with a vintner in Tuscanny to start her own wine label, Savanna Samson.

“A lot of times, when I first launched with this Savanna line, it was like, ‘Haha, right, you know: Porn star wine give me a break,'” she remembered.

But Oliveros’ venture was instantly validated after wine guru Robert Parker gave her Sogno Uno an outstanding rating.

“Suddenly, with the rating, 91 rating from Robert Parker, it was like, wait a second … don’t knock it ’til you try it,” she said.

Oliveros was proud that her parents finally had something they could tell their friends about. And she was excited for her son, too.

“Hopefully, he’ll have an interest and want to carry on the business,” she said.

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